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12-125-17 Spec Sheet

24v forklift battery, 12-125-17, 12-125-17 battery, 12 125 17, 12-d12-17, 12-125f17, Lift Truck.

Voltage and Capacity

Voltage: 24

Number of cells: 24

AH Capacity @6hr: 1000

AH Capacity @8hr: 1067

AH Capacity @20hr: 1576

AH per Plate: 125

Plates per Cell: 17

KWH: 23.28

Weight and Contents

Approx. Weight: 1858 pounds

Electrolyte per Cell: 2.3 gallons

Specific Gravity: 1.285

Positive Grid Thickness: 0.275"

Negative Grid Thickness: 0.185"

Length of Grid w/Lug: 25.375

Stock Sizes / Configurations

 38L x 13 1/2W x 30 1/2H, no cover. 

Delivery Time

Approx. 1 to 8 days depending on destination.


路 Customer must have a means of unloading. 

路 Does not include delivery to: Hawaii, Alaska or destinations outside the US. 

路 Additional costs may apply for delivery to: Residential, schools, farms, military bases, mines. 

Available Options:

Single Point Watering System - Factory Installed.

Filling Adapter for above system.

Water Level Indicator Light - Factory Installed.

Flow-Rite Watering System Video

Forklift Models that use 12-125-17 batteries

Forklift Models


12-125-17 Battery - 1,000ah

Battery Dimensions: 

38L x 13 1/2W x 30 1/2H, no cover.

Compatible Forklift Models:

Barrett: RRT-130, RRT-134, RRT-140, RST-140, RST-150, RRT-130, RRT-134, RRT-140, RST-140, RST-150, ORB35, ORB40, RC0S, RCOS3000, RCS01.

BT Prime Mover: RR30,  RR30B, RR30C, RR34, RR34B, RR40, RR40B, RR45, RR45B, RR45DR, RR45DRZ,  RR45Z, RS40, RS40B, RS40C, RS50, RS50B, RR30B, RR34B, RR40, RR40B, RR45,  RR45B, RR45DR, RR45DRZ, RR45Z, RS40, RS40B, RS40C, RS50, RS50B, RRX35,  RSX40, RTX35.

Caterpillar: NOR 30P, EKS230, EKS230P, ND2500, NR3000, NR3500, NR4000, NRDR25,  NRDR30, NRR30, NRR35, NRR40, NS3000, NS4000, NRDR25, NRR30, NRR35,  NRR40, ETR125D, ETR130, ETR135, ETR140, ETR225D, ETR230, ETR235, ETR340,  ND2500, NR3000, NR3500, NR4000, NS3000, NS4000, NSR30, NSR40, ETB130,  ETB140, ETB230, ETB340.

Clark: NPR17, NPR20, NSR22.

Crown: 25RR, 30RS, 35RR, 40RS, RR-3000-35, RR-3000-40, RS-3000-40, RS3510-40,  25RR, 30RS, 35RR, 40RS, RR-3000-40, RR3000-35, RS-3000-40, RS3510-40,  RR5010-35, RR5010-40.

Hyster: R30XMA, R30XMF, R30XMA2, R30XM3, R30XMF3, R30XMA3, N40EA, N50FA, N25XMDR2, N30XMR, N40XMR, N50XMA2, N35ZRS, N40ZRS

Komatsu: FR15S-1A, FR20S-1A, FR23S-1A

Linde: BRT35, BST40.

Mitsubishi: FER3000LD, FER3000LD-15D, FER4000LD, FER4000LD-20D, EDR13N, EDR24,  ESR15N, ESR18N, ESR20N, ESR24, ESS15N, ESS20N, ESS24, EOP15HN, EOP15N.

Nissan: RCOSN30.

Raymond: EASI 24.

Toyota: 6BRU18, 6BSU20, 7BRU18, 7BSU20, 8BRU18.

Yale: RDF030G,  FS015, OS025, OS030, FS030BF, OS030BC, OS030BE, OS030BF, SS030BC,  SS030BE, SS030BF, OS030BD, SS030BD, NDR030A, NR035, NR040A, NS035,  NS040A, NDR030AD, NDR030AE, NDR030DA, NDR030DB, NDR035DB, NDR040DB,  NR035AC, NR035AD, NR035AE, NR040AC, NR040AD, NR040AE, NS040AD, NS040AF,  NS040AE.

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View All 24 Volt Forklift Batteries.