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New 36v GB Industrial Battery, model 18-85-21 / 850AH capacity.


38 1/8L x 24 5/8W x 22 5/8H, no cover.  

38 1/8L x 24 5/8W x 23 5/8H, with cover.  

Also available with EE rated spark proof cover, special order - Call 215-667-8000.

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> Watering systems

> Water Level Indicator Lights

Shipping: Customer must have a means of unloading. Does not include delivery to: Hawaii, Alaska or destinations outside the US. Additional costs apply for delivery to: Residential, schools, farms, military bases, mines.  

Forklift Models that use 18-85-21 batteries

Forklift Models


18-85-21 Battery - 850ah

Battery Dimensions: 

38 1/8L x 24 5/8W x 22 5/8H, no cover. 

Compatible Forklift Models:

Caterpillar: EP18T, EP20T, EP18KT, EP20KT, ET3500, ET4000.

Crown: SC4040-30, SC4040-35, SC4540-35, SC4540-40, SC524X-35, SC524X-40.

Daewoo Doosan: BC18T-2, BC18T.

Hyster: J35B, J35XMT, J35XMT2, J40XMT, J40XMT2, J35ZT, J35XN, J35XNT, J40XN, J40XNT, J35XN, J35XNT, J40XN, J40XNT.

Hyundai: 18B-7, 18BT-7, 20B-7, 20BT-7.

Komatsu: FB18MG-3, FB20M-3.

Linde: E18, E20, E18, E20.

Mitsubishi: FB18PNT, FB20PNT, FBS18, FBS20, FB18KT, FB18NT, FB20KT, FB20NT.

Nissan: E-4000, E-5000, E40, E50, PE40Y, PE40YEE, PE50Y, PE50YEE.

Raymond: 4450-C35, 4450-C40.

TCM: FCB15H2, FTB16-4.

Toyota: FBA10, FBA15, 2FBCA20, 2FBCA25, 5FBC18, 5FBC20, 5FBC25, 7FBEHU18, 7FBEU20, 7FBE20, 8FBE20U. 

Yale: ERC035BB, ERP035TD, ERP035TF, ERP035TG, ERP040TD, ERP040TF, ERP040TG,  ERP035TH, ERP040TH, ERP035VF, ERP035VT, ERP040VF, ERP040VT.