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New 48v GB Forklift Battery, model 24-85-25


  • 1,020 AH @ 6hr.
  • 1,608 AH @ 20hr.


  • 38 1/8L x 38 1/8W x 22 5/8H, no cover.
  • 57 3/4L x 25 3/4W x 23 1/4H, no cover 

>24-85-25 Battery Specs, 48v battery comparison


  • Customer must have a means of unloading. 
  • Does not include delivery to: Hawaii, Alaska or destinations outside the US. 
  • Additional costs may apply for delivery to: Residential, schools, farms, military bases, mines.  

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Forklift Models that use 24-85-27 batteries

Forklift Models

Battery Dimensions:

38 1/8L x 38 1/4W x 22 5/8H, no cover.

Compatible Forklift Models:

Caterpillar:  M70D, M80D.

Clark:  EC500-70, EC500-60, EC500-22, EC500-27, EC500-33.

Hoist: E-070, E-080, T5-12, T5-6, T5-9.

Hyster:  J40XL, J50L, J60XL, E60B, E70B, E80BS, E64XM2, E65XM, E65XM2, E65Z-40, E65XN, E70XN, N30XMH.

Yale: ERC065VG, ERC070VG.

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View all 48v Batteries.